Chemotherapy Patients

Chemotherapy Patients

Chemo and Hair Loss
Can It Be Dramatically Reduced ?

   Hair loss, in most cases, is one of the cruel emotional and physical realities and side effects of chemotherapy.  Usually hair loss begins 2-4 weeks after treatment begins.  It can begin as a consistent shedding that rapidly increases or begins to come out in clumps.   Chemo treatment centers will give you hair care instructions before beginning treatment.  These instructions will also include the potential of shaving the head, getting fitted for hair pieces or scarves.  The reason for these instructions is that once the shedding begins there is little that can be done.  That may be changing.


Chemo and Hair Loss- Chemotherapy is seeking and destroying rapidly producing cancer cells.  Skin and hair follicles are made by similar rapidly producing cells.  They too are targeted by the chemo and destroyed.  Expanding blood flow does help in the production of skin and hair cell production but it usually doesn’t keep up with the rapid destruction of cells from chemo.  These are from published medical opinions from the Mayo Clinic and other cancer treatment centers.   So is there a solution?


   Volumique Solutions and Chemo- This is a relatively new area in the last four years.  Volumique Solutions was designed by R&D in the area of cancer and wound care development, specifically in protein synthesis and cell regeneration.  Many hair loss product treatments contain vessel dilators. Vessel dilators are a key component to fighting hair loss.  Vessel dilators allow more blood flow to the scalp and papilla.  This brings more nutrition to the papilla and follicle.  However, in the fight against chemo, vessel dilators are not usually enough.  The body needs to increase cell and tissue regeneration. This process referred to as fibro blasting in the medical field is necessary to combat the rapid destruction of chemo.  Oddly enough some of the key ingredients in Volumique Solutions were derived from cancer and wound care as we mentioned earlier.  The unusual side effect to the original treatments in those fields was hair growth. 


   Volumique Solutions combined these ingredients with other research to create one of the fastest topical cell regenerators on the market.  This patent pending product has the ability to not only help calm the inflammation from the effects of chemo but also increase cell and tissue reproduction by over 500% faster than the body can do by itself.  With the help of these products after chemo centers are reporting that hair is growing back 3 times faster, fuller and thicker than patients not using these products.  During chemo patients are reporting keeping between 60-75% of their hair.


   In reports from Euro Med Integrative Oncology in Phoenix, Arizona and The Healing Arts Cancer and Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas Volumique Solutions stops the shedding and hair loss from continuing chemo treatments after care in just two weeks. 


   During the chemo treatment patients are instructed to use the system daily to keep up the regeneration of cells.  So far it should be noted that patients have not reported zero hair loss during chemo but, are reporting a dramatic reduction in how much hair they are losing during chemo.  In two patients who had already lost all of their hair and were continuing their chemo, they reported starting Volumique Solutions started growing their hair back within two weeks of starting the system.  Both patients were only half way through their chemo treatments.  See accompanying photo from one.


     In an effort to aid in the emotional fight against cancer The Beauty Cartel LLC, the manufacturer of Volumique Solutions is beginning more extensive clinical studies in the fight against hair loss due to chemotherapy.  We hope to publish these reports with the oncologist working with us in the upcoming year.


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