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Curl UP - Curling Spray

Curl UP - Curling Spray

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CurlUP is the ultimate weightless curl rejuvenator. CurlUP has a 3.5 PH and tightly realigns the cuticle to seal in color, moisture and other vital nutrients. This tight realignment rejuvenates lazy natural curl or perms. It restores vibrant bounce to the curl. CurlUP adds shine by tightly closing the cuticle. It protects from heat, free radicals and chlorine. Spray on blonde hair before swimming to keep the hair from absorbing chlorine. Every head of hair needs CurlUP.

Directions: Spray on towel dried hair generously to seal in color and realign the cuticle. Spray on dry hair to add shine and give bounce to curl. Spray generously covering hair from end to end.


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