Extend UP - Conditioner 8oz

Extend UP - Conditioner 8oz

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ExtendUP is the second step of the ultimate scalp support. Bio-Quatenary Technology uses Cystine amino acids to determine the biomolecular structure of proteins in the hair. This cross linking of proteins form a thicker, fuller, stronger follicle. Cystine amino acids with Retinol Palmitate and Hinoki Extract promote microcirculation which enhances tissue regeneration. Refined humectunt technology gives needed moisture to the follicle without the heavy feel. ExtendUP enhances the overall health of the scalp and the follicle. The result is healthier, stronger hair with great volume and density.

Usage: Apply to scalp and massage scalp gently for at least one minute. Continue for another minute working ExtendUP through the hair base to ends. Leave on for at least two minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


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