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Ultimate Volume, body and Lift Set

Ultimate Volume, body and Lift Set

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Get Pump UP, Double UP, and Work UP in a set for a great price! 


Are you in desperate need of frizz control? Looking to add more luster and shine to your hair? Of course you are, 'cause you're a star baby and now you're ready to look the part!
Lucky for hair everywhere Double UP is the ultimate root lifting bodifer! Combining the use of extremely lightweight resins, micro-polymers, and proteins - this mousse will last for days giving amazing lift, body, and volume while never weighing down the hair.

Application: Apply to palm and emulsify. Apply base to end on towel dried hair. Blow dry and style.


 You know what really sucks? Buying a Volumizing spray that leaves your hair looking like a deflated pool toy, Say goodbye to let down and say Hello to Pump UP! Whats Beautiful about Flat hair and Harmful chemicals? We'll answer that: Nothing at ALL!     Enter Pump UP [from stage left], using Specialized Collagen's, Proteins and Additives to Structure even the finest, thinnest of hair. Finally, not just the Jams are being Pumped up,  Pump UP Your Hair!

Usage: Towel dry hair and hold PumpUP close to the hair. Spray generously covering the hair from scalp to ends. Pull through the hair and blow dry. PumpUP is heat activated.


WorkUP Hair Spray is a lightweight shaping, working, texturing hair spray that can be used on wet or dry hair. This product leaves the hair with great movement with no stiff or dry texture. Leaves the hair with nice hold that you can still move your fingers through.

Directions: Wet hair: Spray on towel dried hair just before blow drying. Dry hair: Spray to give medium hold.


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